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Personal Details

Before you can register your dog or cat, you must provide sufficient personal details as the registered owner.

An email address is required so that a profile can be created for you . This will allow you to log in and update either your personal details or the details of your dogs and cats at any time.

You must fill in all fields marked with an asterisk.

Please note: Providing false or misleading information is an offense with maximum penalty of $10,000.

Personal Details
Date of birth is required because a person must be at least 16 years old to own an animal

Residential Address
If you live in a regional area that does not have traditional street addressing, please enter your rural property address.

Postal Address
Contact Details

Please select the preferred method of how we will contact you in future for notifications such as renewals and lost animals.

You must supply at least one phone number.
To encourage easy access to renewals and reduce the impact to the environment, we encourage users to select either email or SMS notifications rather than paper based postal notifications.
Please supply an additional contact person, should we be unable to contact you, for the purpose of re-uniting lost animals.